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Lionman Energy Ltd

Who we are

Lionman Energy Limited is a privately owned Cyprus company, headquartered in Limassol, in the Republic of Cyprus. It was registered in December 2008 as a trading company specializing in bitumen trading, targeting the Cyprus market.

The company has since expanded its activities in the trading of energy products and providing engineering solutions to selected markets worldwide.

Marios Miltiadou


  • Charter Accountant
  • 20 years of high-level experience in Cyprus Petroleum Refinery Ltd (CPRL) and subsequently CEO of the Cyprus Petroleum Storage Company Ltd
  • Lifelong experience in leading positions of business and society

Nicos Achillides


  • Chemical Engineer
  • 20 years of technical experience
  • Process Engineer of CPRL
  • BP Marine Cyprus
  • Owner/Founder of SCN Oil Ltd(Physical Bunkers Supplier)
  • Operations Manager/Project Manager of Staroil Ltd

Our Mission

The company’s mission is to expand the national and international trading activities as a reliable and efficient business partner through performance excellence and competitive pricing.

Our Vision

Through the agglomerated experience in many sectors of the oil industry and the establishment of strong relationships worldwide, we can trade petroleum products and other forms of energy at competitive prices.

Lionman Energy Ltd


We believe our broad and lengthy experience, expertise, and valued international relationships in the petroleum industry could be the cornerstones of promising business opportunities, both for us and our clients.
Our people appreciate the importance of professionalism for quality services and are committed to delivering this to the highest level possible. We believe our team strikes the right blend of technical and business awareness specific to the petroleum industry.

Together we have the know-how that enables comprehensive decisions and solutions by making sure all risks are identified and benefits are maximized.
We strongly believe in trusting long-lasting business relationships.
We intend to base our operations on having this firmly in mind at all times.

Teamwork Mentality

Teamwork is not restricted to within our company, but includes the way we work with clients, banks, and shipping and logistic companies around the world. 

Our People

Every employee is valued and, in return, all our employees understand how indispensable our clients are.
We work very hard to better understand and meet the needs of our clients and are, therefore, remarkably well-positioned to function for both their immediate and long-term goals.

Lionman Energy Ltd

Our Skilled Associates

Business Development Manager since 2010

Trading / Shipping Associate since 2010

Marketing Representative for South America (based in Argentina)